1_0000_Layer 4Paul Bowden, Board Treasurer

Paul is a 25-year finance industry veteran and entrepreneur, with specialties in equity research, analysis, and institutional sales & marketing. He served as a senior manager at Citigroup, Santander Investment and Kemper Financial Services and owned, operated, and successfully sold a chain of optical stores. He graduated from DePaul University and the University of Madrid with a degree in Finance and Spanish. He is also an accomplished chef and graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute, as well as a board member of several nonprofits. Laurie courted him to help lead Shine Your Light not only for his shrewd, experienced business head, but because she secretly hopes he will bring homemade gourmet snacks to the board meetings. Paul was deeply moved by Laurie’s book and is excited to help her start and run a nonprofit organization that helps individuals and leaders to find and follow their passion and purpose.

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