Organizational Development

Every organizational development service you buy helps empower a community in need.

Effectively create and communicate with your team as you joyfully achieve your shared vision.


    • The “art” of leadership:  Leadership styles and strengths, team-building, communication, conflict resolution
    • Doable strategy: Setting and sticking to big picture goals amidst daily pressing needs
    • Effective governance: Tools and techniques to successfully steer the ship
    • Performance feedback: Gauging how well the organization, leaders, and team are doing


    • Intuitive coaching: Make quick, clear decisions by accessing and trusting your gut
    • Transition: Successfully instigate and navigate major change
    • Perseverance: Maintain patience, persistence, and faith until you get from where you are to where you want to be
    • Work-life balance: Balancing what’s best for work, your loved ones, and yourself


    • Workshops, training, and retreats
    • Executive leadership coaching
    • Governing board training and facilitation
    • Strategic planning and follow-through
    • Public speaking sessions and events
    • Staff and organization performance reviews

    All of our services are 100% customized to your organization’s needs and goals.


    • Schools: Charter, private, and public
    • Non-profits
    • For-profits: corporations, start-ups, small business entrepreneurs
    • Government agencies

We work with diverse organizations all over the world, in person, by phone, through Skype, or WhatsApp.

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    The Road to Shine RoadmapTM – A Simple, Doable Process that Works

We have learned from 25 years of experience that in order to achieve any goal, organizations must go through three stages:

1. Uncover: Identify & overcome your blind spots
2. Discover: Remember your mission & passion
3. Work-lover: Find the courage to do work you love

Our secret: ensuring no stage is skipped. Most organizational experts focus on only one or two of the stages, inadvertently setting leaders and teams up for failure. There’s no point in developing another round of goals if you haven’t yet uncovered the dynamics that keep preventing you from achieving them. Using the entire Roadmap, we draw from multiple organizational development, psychological, and leadership modalities and tools to develop a 100% customized needs assessment, action plan, ongoing check-ins, and evaluation to ensure lasting change and success.

    We Give You Grit

Suppose you finally take the leap to fire those toxic employees…what happens when you haven’t yet found a better staff eight months later? Shine Your Light offers doable, real-life strategies and tools to help organizations find the courage not only to take the initial leap, but also for the ongoing challenges of how to get through the often longer than expected transition until you achieve what you desire.

    “Life Cycle Approach”

    We support organizations across all sectors and at all stages of development. Recognizing that organizational needs vary at different stages, we offer a tailored “life cycle” approach:

      • New organizations are eager to contribute to the world, yet often lack the fundamental leadership skills to make the impact they desire.
      • Many mid-life organizations are unhappy with some or all parts of their operations and impact and struggle with work-life balance.
      • Veteran organizations often seek to share their wisdom and experience in a mentorship role.
    Keepin’ It Real and Making It Fun

With seminars like “Who’s Steering this Ship?” and “Co-Workers from Hell,” we help you find your sense of humor again while engaging in serious change. Our teachers and coaches have a unique talent for communicating complex, profound wisdom in a down-to-earth way that tells it straight and instantly makes sense. We believe in “practical passion,” teaching ways to balance your goals with your everyday realities.