Mission & Why It Matters



Our mission is two-fold: To help people better themselves and their communities.

With individuals, we guide people to live fully and courageously in every aspect of their lives: work, relationships, health, and home. We believe this is not only possible, but necessary to change the world. Because when one person dares to lead a life they love, it’s contagious, and we all start to shine.

With leaders, we focus on those who share our dedication to developing caring, intentional stewards of the earth and collaborative global citizens.


Too many people are settling for less in their lives: working in jobs they don’t like, staying in unsupportive or stagnant relationships, maintaining less-than-ideal health, and living where they don’t feel at home. Others feel content in many ways, but still sense that something’s missing. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 10 U.S. adults report feeling unfulfilled in their lives. That’s a lot of unhappy people . . . and those are only the ones who reported!

In addition, leaders who seek to improve others’ lives as well as their own lack the fundamental skills and support to succeed. An extensive Deloitte study shows that over 70% of organizations cite tremendous leadership gaps as one of their top five challenges. The biggest gap is the “art” of leadership – those critical, underlying skills like communication, dealing with difficult people, and getting and keeping others on board for change.

Sadly, despite the huge need, not everyone can afford the necessary resources to become the best person and leader they can be.


FOR EACH ONE, REACH ONE. For every service purchased, we gift the same service to someone in need. Each time someone buys our coaching, we donate a session to someone who can’t afford it. For every organizational development service purchased, we support a community in need. We passionately believe that everyone deserves to lead a life they love, regardless of their economic situation or background.


Helping others find the courage to shine is what brings us alive. If you share our mission, please donate or let us know your skills and interests to volunteer. All support welcome!